Ucci Yoga

Preparation for Yoga Classes

To get the most from your Yoga practice...

Before practice: Leave an interval of at least two hours after eating. Try to empty the bowel and bladder.


For practice: Wear loose fitting clothes. Remove footwear and jewellery. Bring a non-slip mat for asana-practise and something warm for relaxation (a blanket, extra top, socks etc.) If possible also bring a small cushion or yoga-block and a belt to support some postures.


During practice: Always breathe through the nose unless otherwise instructed. Work with your breath and your body. Remember that Yoga is non-competitive. Listen to your body and be sensitive to your body's needs. Take responsibility for yourself and if a posture feels wrong for you, release it. You should never feel pain or discomfort in your practise. Before starting advise the instructor of any medical conditions or injuries, past or present. Postures can be modified to enable you to work towards your personal potential. There are certain postures that should be avoided in certain medical conditions – listen to the instructor's recommendations.


After practice: Become aware of any changes in your body and breathing pattern. Re-adjust to your surroundings and concentrate on the immediate environment, particularly if you are driving home.


Most of all: Enjoy your yoga!




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