Om Ucci

Naturligt flöde.
Mindful flow yoga där andningen leder vägen.

Ucci, en naturligt varm och omtänksam person, inspirerades och drogs till yogan för många år sedan och har efter att ha utbildat sig undervisat i Storbritannien, Sverige och andra delar av Europa. Hennes kontinuerliga träning och vidareutbildning har genererat stor erfarenhet och kunskap. Ucci har bland annat tränat med Donna Farhi, Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, Tias Little, Julie Martin, Judith Hanson Lasater (restorative yoga) och Lisa Petersen (somatic movement).

Uccis yoga är en naturlig förening av det bästa från dessa olika yogaformer, men hon har sin egen unika stil. Insiktsfulla och medvetna vinyasaflöden som hon ständigt förändrar och utvecklar för att ge engagerande klasser av hög kvalitet. Eleverna älskar hennes yogaklasser.

Uccis mångsidighet reflekteras i att hon undervisade spelarna i Newcastle United fotbollsklubb i yoga under sju säsonger, samt undervisade några av de mest behövande i samhället i restorative yoga. År 2018 undervisade Ucci sin femtusende klass, och har givetvis lagt till många hundra sedan dess. Hon har undervisat flertalet workshops och retreats, ofta tillsammans med yoga- och mindfulnesskollegor (vilket är otroligt uppskattat), och oftast alltid fullbokat. Ucci finner även mycket glädje och inspiration i att undervisa privatklasser, one to one eller små grupper.

Ucci är medförfattare till boken “myoga manual” som publicerades i september 2012.

Ucci är en fullt kvalificerad och försäkrad yogalärare så att du ska kunna vara förvissad om säkerhet och effektivitet – likväl som lekfullhet – när du yogar med henne.

Sagt om Ucci Yoga

“Ucci was one of my first yoga teachers, and the residue of her gorgeous classes and kind, gentle nature still lingers all these years later. I do not hesitate to recommend her lovely flowing classes – and frequently do!“

Sis, Yoga Therapist and Teacher, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

“When I started yoga with Ucci, I was going to the chiropractor at least monthly because of back pain. Ucci taught me new ways to move and strengthened my core. Now I rarely see my chiropractor once a year. Yoga with Ucci is the smartest investment in myself I have ever done.“

Dean, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

“Ucci is a fantastic teacher, she puts so much heart into all that she does. She is constantly learning and developing her skills as a teacher. Her classes are always well thought out and leave one feeling much better than at the start.”

Holly, Yoga Teacher, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

“Ucci creates a very calm and relaxing feeling to the sessions, making you to feel comfortable to go at your own pace. She gets the right balance between providing the time to unwind and breath, whilst making sure you do enough to give those core muscles a work-out.”

Phil, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

“I found Ucci’s classes shortly after I had moved to the UK, nearly 15 years ago. While it sounds like a cliché, Ucci and her Yoga classes really changed my life; they were a shining light in a time of darkness. Her classes are beautiful offerings, taught from a kind heart, which allows the space for connection to your true nature.“

Kate, Yoga teacher, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

”Ucci is an inspiration to my yoga practice. She plumbs the depths and mysteries of the body, breath and mind to reveal the strengths and vibrant health that lie latent within each individual. Her gentle presence is a balm to the soul. Thank you Ucci for accompanying me on my journey.”

Lesley Ann, Yoga Teacher, France

“I have been practicing with Ucci for the past 10 years. I believe she has made a significant contribution to my wellbeing through her wholistic approach to mind body practice. Her compassion and inclusivity in the classes is the draw that keeps me coming back. I feel blessed to have discovered her yoga teachings.“

Julia, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

“I can honestly say that I feel better after every Yoga practice with Ucci. No matter the issues I arrive worrying about, Ucci’s calm, kind teaching eases me into my practice and I leave feeling lighter. She creates a safe and supportive space to come and develop your own mindful practice and after 10 years studying with her the sessions every week are non negotiable.“

Clare, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

“Ucci’s depth of knowledge as well as her love of teaching make her very special. I have taken her classes for years because they’re a real treat for my body and soul. I always feel such pleasure and release from an ease in movements and flows that my body loves. I don’t hesitate to recommend her!”

Lesley, Yoga Teacher, Lucca, Italy

“Approximately 20 years ago I met Ucci, who is the inspiration behind my yoga journey. Her classes are always evolving, but demonstrate a strong and knowledgable yoga tradition and foundation. Ucci provides you with excellent instructions, a sometimes playful, gentle or strong practice but always encompassing your well-being. I cannot recommend Ucci’s classes enough – go on – try one – you won’t be disappointed!“

Heather, Yoga teacher, Devon, UK

“I have been very lucky to attend Ucci’s yoga classes for many years. For me it’s her emphasis on the restorative and relaxation benefits that set her apart.

They share equal emphasis with the physical sequence which reflects her maturity in recognising how one is essential to the benefit of the other.

You know you are in good hands as you step onto the mat and you come away refreshed and renewed and with a deep sense of connection to yourself.“

Yoga student, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

“Ucci plans and prepares for each and every class or course with immense care and mindfulness. She delivers her teaching with gentleness and such professionalism, practicing with a deep understanding of the body’s need for balance and release. She responds to, and reflects upon, the individual needs of her students. She inspires and creates a safe space to grow. It has been a total joy to part of. This is not just yoga. This is Ucciyoga and it feels like coming home.“

Lesley, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

“My yoga journey began with Ucci 6 years ago at the age of 64, and as a complete beginner I could not have wished for a more compassionate and inspiring teacher.

I quickly became a yoga addict and thank my lucky stars that I have yoga in my life. During this pandemic. It has given me so much solace, structure and motivation in my life.. I truly believe that I could not have managed without it, and I owe so much to Ucci for those early years as her student. If you are considering yoga, just do it, you won’t regret it.”

R, Yoga Student, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

“Everyone who joins Ucci’s classes is welcomed in.

Ucci has a lightness of touch in her teaching, and infuses her classes with her lovely sense of humour. At the same time she is the most professional teacher I know. She draws on her wide knowledge of yoga to teach us with visual and verbal clarity, and with originality.

Ucci teaches us to engage with very small and mindful movement early on; and it enables us to move comfortably towards deeper movements and flows as the class progresses. We are encouraged to engage with our own body needs and ability. It is absorbing and rewarding. Ucci is my mainstay teacher. I have participated in her classes for years, and always end them in a finer, more open space than where I had entered them.”

Jan, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

“I will start with a Buddhist quote.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear” that is what happened for me February 2007

I had been recommended by a physiotherapist to try yoga. That’s when I met Ucci. Through Ucci’s teaching I learnt stretching, breathing & meditation techniques. Ucci has not only inspired me to make yoga a daily routine in my life, she has also inspired some of her students to go on & teach yoga themselves.

Ucci is one of the most caring & compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure to meet & has been and still is a huge influence in my life.”

Alan, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

“From my very first class with Ucci I felt at home. Ucci provides a safe, relaxed, and joyful environment for all of her students, no matter what their physical circumstances are. Her classes are calm, and she creates what seems like endless amounts of space and time for you to reconnect with yourself and get into your body.

She has a very light, fun and friendly approach, with a smile that lifts the room – but with some serious yoga knowledge and experience underpinning everything she does. Her sequencing is sophisticated yet very accessible, and her practice nourishes every part of your body, mind and spirit.

She understands exactly what your body needs and enables you to get into it, providing alternatives and modifications so your practice is right for you. Her classes quickly became an essential part of my week, and I feel very lucky and privileged to have found UcciYoga. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Richard, Yoga Practitioner, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

“It´s a special moment to join Ucci’s yoga class – she often starts by reading a text which sets the mood of that day’s yoga class and gives you the opportunity to land on your yoga mat and be present.

If you are a beginner or you have more experience, Ucci will show you different varieties of the yoga asanas so that you feel that you can participate and learn something more or just be in the moment – the choice is yours.

Ucci has a great knowledge of yoga but her own curiosity and interest in yoga makes her study more which she takes with her and makes use of in her own class, so even if you’ve been attending Ucci’s yoga classes for several years it´s never the same…it’s challenging, fun and you learn more about yoga and yourself.”

Chrisa, Sweden

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