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Benefits of Yoga


Yoga is not simply a series of postures but a whole way of life encompassing diet, massage, relaxation and meditation. In addition to being a fantastic way to stay in shape, yoga also encourages the body's natural healing powers and can be used to treat a wide range of health problems, both physical and emotional.


Yoga is a science of life, developed over thousands of years. It promotes health and happiness by working on harmonizing the mind, body and spirit. Anyone can practice yoga, no matter the age, level of fitness & health, body weight, or religion.


People take up yoga for many different reasons, but whether it is for reducing stress, toning up or seeking help for a specific physical or emotional complaint, yoga practise will undoubtedly alter the student's perception of the world; it promotes vitality, mental serenity, and the opportunity for self-development.


Asanas work on every part of the body, loosening joints and stretching muscles to improve posture and maintain strength and flexibility. The exercises improve circulation, promote the efficient functioning of internal organs and have a wide range of therapeutic benefits. When physical and mental tensions are released, vast resources of energy are set free.


Pranayma revitalises the body and helps to control the mind. It assists in balancing the nervous system. The breath is said to be the bridge between the mind and body, and between conscious and unconscious states. By focusing on the breath, the mind becomes calm and integrated.


Relaxation counteracts the effects of stress and allows the body to recharge.



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