Drop-in Yoga Classes

Virtual classes on Zoom

Mindful Yoga flow, somatic movement and restorative classes where the breath leads the way. Open to all levels with variations given to suit students’ different needs and progression.

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Yoga Courses

4 to 8-week Yoga courses – pre-booked, maximum number groups

Mindful Yoga flow, somatic movement and restorative courses where the breath leads the way. Open to all levels with variations given to suit students’ different needs and progression.

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Yoga at Work

Tailored for work groups of any size

What better way to de-stress at your workplace and learn how to avoid tension in the shoulders, neck and back?

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Private Yoga Classes

One to one or small groups at flexible times

Private yoga classes may be of particular interest to students’ with specific requirements including stress relief, rehabilitation from physical injury.

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Booking & questions

Use the online booking form or contact Ucci by email or phone for further details (including prices) and to check availability.

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Yoga Retreats & Workshops

Yoga Retreat in Tuscany

Watch this space. Future dates to be confirmed.

Peace and tranquility. Rest and relaxation. Delicious local food and wines. Yoga flow, releasing somatic movements, yin yoga and yoga nidra, restorative practice, fun yoga in the pool.

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“Ucci plans and prepares for each and every class or course with immense care and mindfulness. She delivers her teaching with gentleness and such professionalism, practicing with a deep understanding of the body’s need for balance and release. She responds to, and reflects upon, the individual needs of her students. She inspires and creates a safe space to grow.  It has been a total joy to part of. This is not just yoga. This is Ucciyoga and it feels like coming home.“

Lesley, Newcastle upon Tyne

“I found Ucci’s classes shortly after I had moved to the UK, nearly 15 years ago. While it sounds like a cliché, Ucci and her Yoga classes really changed my life; they were a shining light in a time of darkness. Her classes are beautiful offerings, taught from a kind heart, which allows the space for connection to your true nature.“

Kate, Yoga teacher, Newcastle upon Tyne

“Approximately 20 years ago I met Ucci, who is the inspiration behind my yoga journey. Her classes are always evolving, but demonstrate a strong and knowledgable yoga tradition and foundation. Ucci provides you with excellent instructions, a sometimes playful, gentle or strong practice but always encompassing your well-being. I cannot recommend Ucci’s classes enough – go on – try one – you won’t be disappointed!“

Heather, Yoga teacher, Devon, UK
More words about Ucci Yoga
Let the body become soft like snow, let it flow like water and be as light as the air.

About Ucci

An organic fusion of the various forms of yoga

For over 15 years, Ucci has been a full-time yoga practitioner having trained in various yoga traditions including Iyengar, Sivananda and Vinyasa Flow. Based on an organic fusion of the various forms of yoga she has experienced, Ucci teaches in her own vinyasa flow style which is continually evolving.

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Welcome to Zoom Yoga, Monday evening 16 May & Tuesday morning 17 May! After that, I’m taking a break for the next two weeks! Email ucci@ucciyoga.com for zoom-links and more info. Hope to see you soon! #yoga #ucciyoga #relax #restore #rejuvinate #enjoylife #somaticmovement #mindfulyoga #deepbreath ...

Take a seat! We will be using a chair in the Yoga classes this week with focus on breathing and elasticity in and around our lungs. Making movements, shapes and flow and enjoying the sensation of feeling more “buoyant and spacious” I hope you can join me Tuesday 10am and/or Wednesday 6.30pm (UK time) Email ucci@ucciyoga.com for details #yoga #ucciyoga #mindfulmoments #somaticmovement #restore #recalibrate #relax #deepbreath ...

My little lantern in the dark of night. What if… there are no rigid rules or particular patterns that we need to “obey” and follow. What if… we simply give ourselves time and space to create fluid forms and shapes in the way we move, in Yoga practice and in our daily lives?! What if we can become our own shining light? Welcome to explore classes for wellness and enjoyment with UcciYoga on zoom Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening. Email ucci@UcciYoga.com for details #yoga #mindfulmovements #somaticexperiencing #restore #recalibrate #relax #ucciyoga #deepbreath ...

The dawn of a new day opens up space for endless possibilities! With gratitude for kindness, generosity and a shared experience in Yoga classes this week, I can now donate £585 to Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine. With hope and trust for light in darkness. Thank You 🙏 #charity #gratitude #ucciyoga #yogaforcharity #restandrelax #deepbreath #mindfulmovements ...

SPRING INTO ACTION with Yoga for Charity, bridging the gap between hope and despair in togetherness. Tonight at 7pm (UK time) gentle Yoga class on Zoom, all proceeds goes to Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine. Email ucci@ucciyoga.com for link and details #charity #yoga #mindfulmoments #restore #recalibrate #relax #ucciyoga #deepbreath ...

Spring into Action with Yoga for Charity! Extra Thursday evening Yoga class this week. Please join me for the UcciYoga zoom classes Tuesday morning, Wednesday and Thursday evening with all proceeds going to Charity. Donate what you like and enjoy a moment of balance and calm. Email ucci@ucciyoga.com for links and more information #humanitarianaidforukraine #yoga #ucciyoga #mindfulmoments #restore #recalibrate #relax #somaticmovements #mindulmovements #deepbreath ...

Light and shadows. In anticipation of Spring but with apprehension of the daily saddening and shocking news. Life’s Yin and Yang... Welcome to Zoom Yogaclasses for moments of balance and calm. Email ucci@ucciyoga.com for links to Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening classes. #yoga #mindfulness #somaticmovement #restore #recalibrate #relax #deepbreath ...

Reflections… Welcome to weekly UcciYoga Zoom classes for gentle movements and moments of space! Email ucci@ucciyoga.com for details #ucciyoga #yoga #mindfulness #somaticmovements #restore #deepbreath ...

Welcome to the relaxing zoom Charity Christmas & Winter Solstice Yoga class this evening, Thursday 16 December at 7pm (UK time, 20.00 CET)! Email ucci@ucciyoga.com for link and details #yoga #ucciyoga #relax #msf #charity ...

Welcome to join me in a Christmas Zoom Yoga Workshop for Charity, Thursday evening, 16 December! Expect calm and gentle Yoga practice, a celebration of light and simply a moment to relax! Email ucci@ucciyoga.com for details. All proceeds will go to msf.org - Doctors Without Borders #ucciyoga #relax #mindfulmovements #charity #deepbreath #yoga ...

Gratitude to Life for moments like this... particularly when shared with friends you love and makes you smile for the rest of the day! I hope you can share a “moment” with me this week, in Zoom and /or “in person” Yoga classes. Email Ucci@Ucciyoga.com for details #ucciyoga #yoga #somaticmovement #mindfulmovement #relax #deepbreath ...

Come flow with me...! “In person” Yoga classes Monday evenings 7.45pm at Trinity Centre, Gosforth. Only 2 places remaining for the first class on Monday. Please email Ucci@Ucciyoga.com to book a place!
#ucciyoga #yoga #mindfulmovements #somaticmovement #relax #deepbreath

Home isn’t always a place is it... (Charles Mackey) No, I believe home can be found in many places and also deeply within ourselves when we connect to our own stillness and ease. Please join me for UcciYoga Zoom classes Tuesday mornings and Wednesdays evenings and also “live” Somatic and restorative Yoga classes Wednesday mornings in Gosforth at The Modern Yoga Studio! Email Ucci@Ucciyoga.com for class details and zoom links #Ucciyoga #mindfulyoga #somaticmovement #deepbreath ...

Take a moment... to release and letting go. “Live” Yogaclasses with Somatic movements and Restorative Yoga, Wednesday mornings in The Modern Yoga Studio, Gosforth, Newcastle. Email Ucci@Ucciyoga.com for details #ucciyoga #rest #mindfulyoga #relax #somaticmovement #deepbreath ...

Harvesting the fruits of Summer joys… The UcciYoga classes themed around “release and letting go” will continue this Autumn with Zoom and live classes in Newcastle! Contact ucci@ucciyoga.com for details and links. #ucciyoga #somaticmovement #restorativeyoga #mindfulyoga #relax #deepbreath ...

Harvesting the warmth and joys from sultry Summer days and feeling the changes in the crisp air, it’s time to restart the UcciYoga Zoom classes! Tuesdays 10am and Wednesdays 6.30pm (UK time). Email ucci@ucciyoga.com for Zoom links and more details #ucciyoga #somaticmovement #mindfulyoga #relax #deepbreath ...

A pause for stillness and reflection… I’m now officially in the mood for / on holiday mode, and taking a few weeks off! Hope to see you soon when I re-start the UcciYoga Zoom classes in August. For more information about zoom drop in and private Yoga sessions, email ucci@ucciyoga.com #ucciyoga #somaticmovement #relax #mindfulmoments #deepbreath ...